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hitop shark air pump review HP-806 please SUBSCRIBE

hitop air pump reviewed so quite amazing
Devin667 : Would've loved to see how it ran out the air stone in the tank...you know...the other main reason for buying this other than noise quality. Lol
hollyloveswilliam : Does it have to flash?
Hello : No comments huh



#hp-806 #blacksharkairpump #airpumpsetup
@elzonn : Ive had this now for the past 6 months with no problems at all and its still quite. Great pump!
@EverydayAquarist : Hey nice review. I saw this on Amazon a few times but never brought myself to purchase it lol. I think this would be very good for a childs tank just based on the design, kids would love it
@golden.fishtank : Looks pretty good! and it sounded pretty quiet, awesome review on this pump Daniel!
@LushWisdum : I bought this pump had it for a month so far its been great & with the adjustable air dial its almost noiseless but still lots of bubbles.
@MarcoIsidori : I have never seen this double outlet aerator, it has a very beautiful shape that recalls part of the shark and a very good standard equipment. I like the red light and the air adjustment. Did you get it on Amazon? Great buy Daniel




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