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Sonic Wave 47-100% | Progress #1 | Extreme Demon

I recorded it many hours ago.
민혁 : 커터님 이러다가 님 1등하는거 아니에요?
gchigun [GD] : 1주일 안에 깰 거 같아서 다음 데몬 추천드립니다. 다음 데몬:sigma
YouTube Maru : CuTTer님은 거의 익데만 깨심...ㅎㄷㄷ
72 : Super free wave movements
KiKa Geometry Dash : Legend!

REWI und sein alter Cutter REAGIEREN auf die TEAM REWI BEWERBER

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flavor : Wer hat eigentlich dieses Video geschnitten ???
Trexort MC : Die haben alle ne gehört das man bei ihn MINECRAFT auch schneiden muss
ImEli_TV : hi
Ich mag schokoladd : ??
akyro : Falls paar kleine youtuber unter euch nen gratis cutter sucht meldet euch insta:Piip_lnz. Erwartet euch nicht Soo viel ? es macht mir halt Spaß xd

Echo And The Bunnymen - The Cutter HD

"The Cutter" is a single released by the band Echo & the Bunnymen in 1983. It is the second single released from their 1983 Porcupine album.

The single was released on the Korova label in the United Kingdom on 14 January 1983 as both a 7" and 12" single. The 7" was available as a limited edition which was packaged with a cassette containing tracks from their August 1979 John Peel session which featured the drum machine that was rumoured to be called "Echo". The extra track on the b-side of the 12" release, "Zimbo", is a live recording from the first WOMAD festival in July 1982 and features the Royal Drummers of Burundi.

In a retrospective review of "The Cutter", Allmusic journalist Tom Maginnis wrote: "Echo and The Bunnymen successfully wed the Eastern influenced psychedelic sounds made famous by The Beatles. The Eastern strings re-enter at strategic points, filling in space between verses and Ian McCulloch's esoteric pleas to 'spare us the cutter!'. The track never loses steam, cruising through each section with power and grace."[1]

The song was covered by the Dutch musician Solex on the 2001 compilation album Matador 2001: Draw Me a Riot which came free with the April 2001 edition of The Wire magazine.[2] A version of the song, performed by Lagartija Nick, is included on the 2005 Spanish tribute album Play the Game: Un Tributo a Echo & The Bunnymen.

Paul Canavan : Reminds me of Brookside. Bobby and sheila Grant's daughter Karen?? Was into the bunnymen, I thought that they were too cool and were quite legendary.
robert eckstein : Mustard!!!!
Bay Islands Laser Services : Is that anne hathaway on vocals?
whutruk : This is the song of my youth, always go back to it. Its in the running for the crem for sure.
Richard Dean : Classic 80's tune, love it!

MLB Highlights Best Pitches Cutters

No copyright infringement intended, and all credit goes to for the clips.
Jamal Hassan : I don't understand what's going on lol ??
CC joseph : 2:31
3:32 those are nearly a slider movement with a fastball velocity.......
Jmar Vsalmasan : They didn't put Mariano Rivera
Nate Burnett : This is the most satisfying pitch in my eyes
HateGovernment : Thumbs down. Show ONLY cutters.




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