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Ausa Multitask M200H yol temizleme aracı

ausa yol, cadde, sokak, yer temizleme, yıkama, süpürme makinaları

The 30(50) minutes(shades) of Sepram

Girira2 : 2:20 "You have phantom skooop, you have phantom skooop"
4:55 "Mooooove"

That made my week :')
Venosis : He sounds like the terminator occasionally xD
THE RONNIE J SHOW : I never seen this one LMFAO I'm crying I'm laughing so much ..u r like Whaaaaaaat
Yetuh : 1:44, WTF??? how?
Dopinder : this is the best of all the videos iv watch :D i just luv when u rage :D

Type-95 LSW PE - Sepram's first take @ The Nukes (with MeProYouNoob!)

ArgStyleRlz [Xavs] : 7:10 best fucking bubble ever!
Elon Musk : You should try out the 3.5 zoom scope for your type 95, I forgot what it was called but you get AMAZING accuracy, it's like a sniper with auto.
Pushkaraj Kshirsagar : Can i get the weapons on store if i have access to it without AAA pass or its just for the AAA pass players??

hows the CPW H C PE .... need some opt.:D
Jordan Brown-Clarke : well you can buy AAA pass
bouqdir abdessamad : this is a SUPPORTS match and with this new "type 95" we will see a lot of them in GRP this summer, it's no longer RECONS era it's the SUPPORT's era

Professional Portable Carpet Cleaning Machine Hydro-Force Olympus

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Portable extractors don't use gas. Save yourself some money and use a portable whenever you don't really need the power of your truckmount.
Henri Dietlin : you may want to know that W40 is NOT a lubricant...It has been made to repulse water and unseized metal parts...Maintenance with true lubricant might be better for long lasting connections...
Cheif_LittleBear : Olympus is cool and all but... It cant hold a candle to the NEW NAUTILUS!

itswhatido100 : there are nine extractors and one guy making it a total of ten players. Where is the eleventh player. plus, nine extractors are on the line of scrimmage. thats a five yard penalty. ok, did anyone else see this error???




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